Google Knol: The Wikipedia Add On Trick

By Luis Galarza, Google Knol This your Google Knol How to resource.

Google Knol Is Not Wikipedia... Learn The Trick That Use The Wikis Information To Turn Your Knol Into A Killer Information Resource!

Before you start shooting at me thinking that I'm advising you to copy or duplicate Wikipedia articles you need read the rest of this post... First, I'm completely against copying and duplicating content from any source not just the wikis, for five reasons:
  1. Is unethical.
  2. Is illegal.
  3. Is bad for SEO.
  4. Lower your credibility.
  5. And make you look stupid.

Now that I got those ideas out of the way let's proceed to "The Wikipedia Add On Trick" to create unique remarkable content for Google Knol. Yes, you are going to use the wikis articles in a different way that doesn't involve duplication or anything like that, I already said how bad it is for business, online or offline. What you need to know that wikipedia is your competition, because they also trying to gain attention from your target audience to get web authority, but what you need to know is that they are a friendly competition. I said this because you need you are going to use some coopetition marketing strategies (an adult industry marketing tactic) to let the wikis help you in your path to ultimate web authority.

There Is No Trick.

No trick here just pure old fashion Internet marketing that works. Well, the strategy is base on a few step that if done right can help you succeed on creating an original and useful Knol page that will not only get top search engine results, but also will be remarkable enough to generate link baiting and viral marketing effects all by itself.

The Secret: The "Wikipedia Add On Trick" or secret is the strategy to use online encyclopedias as a starting point of content research, not to be use on your Knol, but to analyze their information find it's weaknesses and build a better information page adding everything that the wiki users forgot to add. Also Google content management system let you go after the long tails which you can use to build a knol page for each weakness you found on your competitors sites. Plus, is going to help you educate your reader about the basics. This is a coopetition marketing technique that I adjust for Knol.

Here are the steps:

1.- The Truth: Before we go to the action steps you need to learn what is Wikis all about. As a dictionary wikis provide more information than just a good definitions, and sometimes doesn't do it right. Wikis are people generate encyclopedias that offer insights about a topic that helps beginners learn "what is" of almost anything, but the information is basic focus only on beginners. And their resources aren't the best you can find, and many subject are lost in the no updates pile. All this represents a huge opportunity for experts and people with a lot of knowledge and research time to take it to the next level.

2.- Find Relevant Wikis: Do a search on any of the top online encyclopedias and make a list of at least 10 topics that are closely relevant with your skill or niche market to start your research. I say only 10 because you are going to need time to read each page for analysis.

3.- The Hot List: Now you need to read each page and make a list of everything you know or think is missing, can be improve, needs update, or is incorrect. This list is the one that is going to help you develop your content and gain web authority.

4.- Time To Work Out: OK, you have a good list of possible hot sub-topics that you are going to use to create content... but, the key here is to create unique useful content that is also remarkable so your Knol becomes spreadable. So, now is time to do an intensive research to gain more knowledge of the topic, get a list of facts, statistics, tools, and really useful resources.

5.- Do This Now, You Will Thank Me Later: After a good research you need to have a good amount of tips and quality information about each sub-topic. What you are going to do is make a list of the best tips that offer a real solution to a problem, at least 20, but more it's even better, I personally recommend you have 40. Put this list to the side, for now.
6.- Cool Pics: To make your information appeal better with your readers is good to use nice quality pictures or images that are relevant to your article or show a demonstration of whatever your topic is about. Look through free photos recourses and find some good images, and use at least one or two per article. Note: Bad picture will kill your Knol.

7.- Making Your Meal: Is time to sit and start typing or writing your content, now that you have all that research information in time to put together some high quality and original Knol pages. Remember the list of tips I told you to put on the side, well is time to use it... you are going to take 1 or 2 good tips and add it to your content always closed to the end. And explain each tip in complete details, to make it as useful as possible. What about the rest of the tips? Just bare with me, I getting there.

8.- Be Interactive: Now is time to add some video marketing to your Google Knol authority campaign mix. Lets take 2 or 3 more tips from the hot list, and make a detail video content for each tip I recommend you to make it viral, and then uploaded to as many online video sharing directories as you can find. When uploading is a good idea to use good white hat SEO for video. Then add links to the videos using your target keywords as the anchor, you can have the videos after the tips area or in the middle of your content. Remember to mention the videos at the beginning so readers know what else is there.

9.- Be The Resource: One thing that makes Wikipedia so popular is that they are a one stop information spot, and that's why you need to do the same but better, adding video is a big step, now you need to do some blogging. No, you are not going to make a bunch of spam blogs to link back to your page, what you need to do is create one good blog where you are going to post news related to your topic not the sub-topic... yes, you can create a news blog for each topic or sub-topic but you will be posting like is not other tomorrow. Remember, blogging takes time. So, one for the main topic or niche is good enough, just make sure is up to date and write the news in your own words, don't copy and paste. Then add your news blog as one of the main resources. Also, link to your Knol pages from the content, using your main page keyword.

10.- Pass The Virus: Let's get back to the list of tips... now you are going to take 5 tips, then write 2 digital reports or ebooks (step 11 explain why 2) that will provide extra useful and spreadable content for your Knol readers by asking them to down load the viral ebook at the end of your article for then to get even more tips. Remember to link to your Knol pages and your news blog from your ebook.

11.- Why Two: Well, like I said one viral ebook is to provide more information to your readers, let them share it with others. The second one is to promote your first ebook using digital information product directories... You need to write report pointing at the mistakes 10 mistakes that your tips from your Knol page, your videos, and your first ebook will solve.

12.- Let's Copy: You are going to copy and paste the definition phrase from wikipedia and quoted on your Knol pages, and put a link back to the source. Also add their topic URL as one of your resources, not clickable. Note: Don't like directly to the Wiki page of the topic, you need to link back to Wikipidea home page.

And done! I hope you found this strategy useful. Please share your Knol in my comments.

What Do You Think About The Wikipedia Add On Trick? Please use the comment link to share your inputs.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza.

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Google Knol Writing Tips

By Luis Galarza, Knol This your Google Knol How to resource.

Don't kill your chances to create good Knols with offline writing styles!

Remember that Google Knol it's not a newspaper or a book, where some type of writing can be easily turn into a successful article or chapter, when writing your knol make sure you remember that people is in the front of their computers reading your article, and computer screens can be a little hard on the eye, and for that reason offline writing tips will not really work in the Internet specially with the new web 2.0 or social web where everything needs to flow naturally.

Is true writing for the web is a bit different than writing for regular offline publications, that's why I decide to help you with this Google Knol writing tips that you can use right away, I'll be posting more writing tips for you in later articles, but for now this few tips can get you started in the right path, I learn this tips from years of article marketing:

Through A Good Bait.
On the web you don't have much time for first impressions, actually you only have about 4 seconds to grab your visitors attention, so you need to write headlines/titles and sub-headlines that relates directly with their "wants" or "needs", make it controversial, write a quote related to the content, or present statistics data, just use your imagination and create a good hook that will grab them by the eyeballs and turn them into your readers.

Conversation Is The Key.
The web is a social communication tool and for that reason people feel comfortable when they read something that is in plain easy to understand English, so avoid trying to become a know it all snob, because online that doesn't cut it. Now, because Google Knol is being compare with Wikipedia, will not be smart to use slangs in your content, slangs are OK for articles, blogs, Squidoo, Hubpages, etc. but not for Knol, so just stay far from it.

Educate Them.
Most people use the Internet to find information about something or someone, they want to be educated by an expert on the feel. So, when presenting your content make sure that you are answering their questions, teach them the how, the why, and the when the right way in a step-by-step style. Even if you are using Knol to promote your business or affiliate programs, don't try to make the sale there, instead educate your readers about your products or your niche and let them decide to visit the other site for more information. Provide quality content that is worth reading, that will increase your credibility and your web authority in your niche.

The Spelling Bee.
Not quite, but make sure you check your spelling before publishing your new knol. Also use basic grammar so your content can make sense to any of your readers. A good way to spell proof your content is by let someone else read it for you, or if you are a solo writer just read it loaded for yourself twice, and hear if you find any discrepancies, that you will need to fix before publishing.

Make It Easy To Read.
You can do this by separating your information in small paragraphs without loosing the flow of your content, also is good to use sub-titles that will give a taste of the content to busy people, this will help them decide to read your article now or to bookmark it on their browser for later reading and give them an easy way to find specific information in your knol. Also use bullets when referring to multiple tips or ideas.

Go and start a new article in your niche by using the above Google Knol writing tips, just keep writing to help you unleash your inner writing style.

What Is Your Knol Writing Style? And, Does Your Readers Love It? Please use the comment link to share your inputs.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza.
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Google Knol: Why Writing Content On Knol

By Luis Galarza, Knol This your Google Knol How to resource.

Why you should write articles or content using Google Knol?

You must know that article marketing is one of the best ways to build authority in your market and your overall web online credibility, which will increase your sales per prospect ratio. Well, Google Knol is a new web 2.0 based content management and distribution system that can help you do every thing an article marketing campaign can and more.

Here are some of the benefits of creating a well written Knol targeting your market:
  • Your expertise will make you a brand.
  • You will tap on some targeted free advertising for your main site.
  • Will help you gain credibility.
  • Maximize your sales potential.
  • Can be easily integrated for Affiliate marketing.
  • Gain top position in organic search results for long tail keywords.
  • Increase your web or blog traffic by providing a useful Knol with original quality content.
  • The more pages the more web authority you will get.
  • Plus, Google is letting you use Adsense to make money with your content.
As you can see there are many reasons why writing content for this new content system...

Do You Think Writing For Knol Is Just A Waste Of Time? Please use the comment link to write your inputs.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza.
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Google Knol Is Here

By Luis Galarza, Knol How to.

Yes, the new content publishing by Google called Knol is now open for the public, and is generating a lot of buzz, good and bad.

Here are some of the things news sites and bloggers are saying about Knol: I was skeptical originally about Google’s Knol project. I was under the impression from its initial press materials and blog posts that it was to be unmonetized. That turned out to be slightly incorrect, to say the least, and the issues folks have with this project extend far beyond compensating for UGC, with folks questioning the ethics of the search giant and their waning commitment to “do no evil.”

There is an ethical issue here that’s very important. Certainly, a lot of my original ethical concerns stand, but given that the search results for topics that now have Knols written about them are displaying them prominently, I have to wonder exactly what Google is thinking here.
Like it or not, search engine optimization (SEO) is an industry with its fair share of folks that can charitably be described as lacking in scruples, and to offer them the ability to effortlessly create content that ranks very highly in Google’s search results not only devalues the service Google offers, but cuts significantly into their bottom line. Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo (a company very directly affected by the launch of Knol) addressed this in his latest not-blog post today: I’m a “Google man.”

I want to believe Google… I love the Google. The Google has been, very, very good to me.

[...] For a period I thought the video companies were being cry babies when they said Google was coming after them with YouTube. At the time I said “just put your content on YouTube and partner with them…. it’s not like they’re signing Hollywood talent to make content for them… grow up!” Then “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane–the most successful television creator today–signed a huge 50-episode deal with YouTube. Still, Google says they’re not in the content business. When the book companies complained about Google taking their content without permission I said “come on, it’s not going to replace folks buying books.” Then I started using book search to find specific pieces of information in books instead of buying them.

You get the idea, it’s not an issue until it’s your issue.,,, and now going to feel the Google “we’re not competing with you” burn–to what degree only time will tell.

The issue here isn’t whether or not Google can operate in the content space as well as the discovery space - we know that they can do that without interfering with search quality. Their integration of YouTube, Picasa Albums, Blogger and BlogSpot hasn’t worked to the noticeable detriment of search quality. In the case of hosted images, very often Yahoo’s Flickr will rate higher in search results, and during video searches, it is very common to see Metacafe or DailyMotion videos pop up in the list with YouTube and Google Video results. Forget about BlogSpot and Blogger results; Google’s blog search and Web content search results seem to be completely agnostic as to what blogging platform is being used.

So why is Google making this colossal blunder? Not only are they shaking to the core the whole Internet industry’s confidence in them as a reliable search engine, they’re severely risking their own revenues. If I, as an Internet marketer, can land-grab enough Google Knol keywords that subtly and decidedly shape the “unit of knowledge” around said topic around a product I’m marketing, what’s the point for me to use AdSense?
More pointedly, what reason is there for my competitors to use AdSense? Those who use the service to promote products and services are going to know that search results are far more trusted than the ads on the side of the page. You think this is a giant conspiracy theory? As Duncan Riley pointed out today: think again.

This is all going to end in a disaster for Google or a disaster for the Knol service, one way or the other. Search results will be less useful, their ad revenues will go down, and it will open up a large vulnerability for Google in their bread and butter, search.

My Opinion: It's true, many of the other Google services didn't get much search engine ranking momentum, but Knol is getting it, and this is a big problem for content providers and web publishers. Plus, Google should give top positons only if the article have a lot of links back to it, don't make it an automatic feature, that's is search spam by the one it should be stopping it. Google launched its Wikipedia competitor Google Knol last week, but one week later it is starting to look more like Blogger meets Ezine Articles, rather than the resource rich destination Google was hoping for. Knol contributors have split into distinct groups. Where as some people are contributing their knowledge for the greater good, others are exploring ways of exploiting the service, for profit, search engine position, or simply self promotion.

Spam isn’t the right word to describe all of the content being added, and the use of link=nofollow seems to have kept the spammers who frequent Blogger away so far. Instead, much of the content is trying to hide self promotion and links by using informative articles…well informative to some, in a similar way commonly found on Ezine Article sites.

Others seem to be adding pages of rubbish (for example
this entry on WordPress) in an attempt to gain authority on Knol through their volume of contributions.

Then there are those targeting content in high paying keywords, for example adding Knol entries on terms such as Insurance, their goal being not to provide the best knowledge on the service, but to get high paying clicks via the ads Google show on each page. There’s
even a blog dedicated to doing just that.

There aren’t millions of rubbish pages yet, but as more people notice that Knol articles are ranking well in Google search results, the landrush to profit from Knol will accelerate.

Google may say it cares about spam on Knol, but it has said that repeatedly about Blogger as well, and we all know how much spam you can find there.

My Opinion: I was expecting this from many of newbies and small online entrepreneurs who are looking for a quick buck. They are going to use some of that information they learn about keyword research and try to make Knol's pages about those topics that they clearly know nothing about. Instead they should focus on building authority and creditability with quality original content, which is going to help them build a long term online business.

Problogger.- What I think irks me the most about Knol is Google’s insistence that they’re not a media company. They host content, they pay those who write it income when that content makes money, they keep part of the money for themselves, they distribute the content…. If it looks like a media company and acts like a media company - I got the feeling that they are one.

Of course this is Google’s right to do - they can set their own business plan - but I guess they need to be willing to be up front about it and name what they are doing for what it is.

They also need to be willing for other publishers (many of them who are their partners in many ways) to react against them. I’ve been hearing murmurings from a few fairly large independent bloggers and web publishers today of talk of a move away from using AdSense out of protest.

I’m not sure what impact this would have unless a lot of large publishers did it - but it seems like there’s growing discontent around the online publishing community around this issue.

My Opinion: This is true, Google is going to compete against it's own Adsense publisher, maybe they thought that marketers will be happy to know that know they have another way to monetize their content and knowledge. They didn't think that many top marketers will be really angry to the fact that they are building a long term business and not just another site optimize for Adsense. And even so, when you do those readers still yours, but with Google controlling the content with top search engine spots for themselves they are taking a big share of niche money and market share from all size of web publishers. I think Knol is a great Squidoo or Hubpages type of service, but needs to be use more as wikipedia or articles to really make it work. Not as a income generating machine, because it's not. Squidoo is.

Remember I created this blog to help you use it in an ethical way as an Internet marketing tool to gain authority, brand awareness, web traffic, and PR for you and your business. I'm not going to teach you how to make money with Knol, but if you follow my instructions the money will come... Just focus in providing quality unique content to your Knol readers.

Luis Galarza.

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